Source: Luzerner Rollenspieltag 2018

Startpage 28 + 29 August 2022

First time here? Let us explain what role-playing games are.

At around a month before the event we will put all the game rounds online. You can then reserve your seat at the table, online or spontaneously.

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Game masters

It goes without saying, to the game masters, how grateful we are for your efforts, but we do it anyway: Thank you very much! We would like to point out, that we ask you to bring along system-specific game material for your players. We take care of writing utensils.

If you never run a role-playing game or feel insecure as a game master, you are welcome to contact us in advance. If there is enough demand, we will offer a small workshop. Experienced game master, will also support you on site and are there to help and advise.

Please contact us via form if you’d like to guide a round.


Entry fee: the event is free of charge (collection/donations are welcome)

Address: Pfarrei St. Johannes, Schädrütistrasse 26, 6006 Luzern

From the Lucerne train station, the location is easily reached in 15 minutes by bus 8 (Würzenbachmatte) or bus 14 (Schlösslirain).

A (fee required) parking garage is 5 minutes walk away. Belongs to the Migros supermarket at the address Würzenbachstrasse 19, Lucerne.